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Facebook Advertising Services

Using Facebook advertising media your company can Connect with Real People

Facebook adverting services has revolutionised the pay per click concept. It is amazing to see how targeted and cost effective advertising on Facebook is. The key to advertising on Facebook is to take advantage of the segment targeting that Facebook delivers. Target audiences on geography, gender, age, school, workplace, or interest.

* Reach more than 400 million active Facebook users
* Generate demand for your product with relevant ads
* Form relationships with your target market with the targeting abilities of Facebook advertising
* Only reach the users you want to reach by specifying:
Country, State, City, Gender, Age, Interest keyword, And more!

Our services will include -

We will develop a program that meets your short term and long term objectives with your audience targets and budget.

* Target your audience
We will not only select perfect target audience  in terms of age, gender and region but also interest their interest areas for your campaign to perform well. We will set a minimum cap on daily spend and observe the conversions to tweak the campaigns.

* Campaign specific Design ideas
Like banner ad campaigns,  in Facebook advertising we have freedom to use creative designs and high impact images to attract targeted audience to your campaign that will help in greater conversions.

* Face book Reports using Face book Insights and Google Analytics.
You can see detailed demographic reports on all levels including who is engaging with your ads and page.

We are a full service search engine marketing agency based in Mumbai and provide complete internet marketing solutions including social media Optimization (SMO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). To know more about our services or to claim your free SMM analysis, fill up the contact form or email us on

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